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Originally Posted by billymcbride View Post
From what I could hear it sounds very awesome. Nice work Adam!

Originally Posted by jfrichards View Post
Incredible music and a huge advance in your vocals. So happy for your success. I still think you are one of the people paving the way to the future of music, both in terms of the music itself, and the whole DIY methodology. Thanks for the inspiration.
Thanks a lot, that's really kind of you to say - it's just kind of amazing how I ended up doing the whole independent thing with my first two albums (mainly because I was sick of chasing labels and because I believed in the albums), only to be approached by a label featuring some of my favourite electronic artists & releases. I was slightly worried I'd have to make some concessions with this album & single but Distinctive were happy to let me do my own thing at my own pace... so what you hear is exactly as I intended it. That's incredibly gratifying from an artistic point of view... and also because I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to my solo work!

Originally Posted by silverspar1 View Post
I rarely connect with a song on 1st listen but this tune is awesome. I literally listened to this song six times back to back. Great job on the production, the hook, etc., etc. The song is just a great tune from top to bottom. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Great job as always!
Cheers! I wrote most of the album (single included) with a view to rewarding repeated listens, so it's great to read that. Thanks