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Hiya. You were / are vague. No offence, but l have no idea how to solve my problem.

On second thoughts, my problem is actually very complex - more than meets the eye.

I want to record live, evolving, non-repeating melodies via Matrix. I want to record them as MIDI notes. Somehow, Reason will have to recognise that l'm messing around with a Matrix pattern whilst recording it, and thus make the instrument being recorded not Matrix anymore, but a second kind of Matrix that isn't pattern-based. It feeds off the original pattern-based Matrix that we all know, but what it displays is the actual notes that were played through that original Matrix.

If a loop area is selected for recording, then no problem, the recording will always be feeding off the original pattern-based Matrix in any case. The second Matrix will simply record the notes that ended up being played.

As the second Matrix will act as one long piano roll, then there is no need for the recording area to be a piano roll too, it could be the waveform of the actual sound produced by the original Matrix-[Subtractor or other instrument] combination. Or if no instrument is connected to the original Matrix, then there could be a blank space. The second Matrix keeps the record of the MIDI note sequence, as a piano-roll.


Original Matrix = "Pattern" Matrix

Second Matrix = "Live" Matrix, recording all MIDI notes played at time cursor point on the Pattern Matrix, as one long piano roll, for as long as the recording continues

Recording section = Waveform of the Pattern Matrix + Instrument (e.g. Subtractor) combination, or blank if nothing is connected to the Pattern Matrix. Remember, the Live Matrix will already have a record of any live MIDI note sequencing.

Extra option: Ability to link the Live Matrix to any new instrument and render the waveform right away. Then when "Record" is pressed, the waveform recording continues from the time cursor on the Pattern Matrix for that instrument.

Extra option: Parts of any Live Matrix can be copied and pasted into any pattern on any Pattern Matrix

### What does anybody think of this solution? Good idea? Does anybody think it should be implemented into Reason? Or can it actually already be done on Reason somehow?