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Sampe Editor on Reason?

Hi, someone on this forum was asking about replicating a piano sound from a song he heard, and my response was to stack the same note of different octaves of the same piano sample or stack the same note of different octaves of 2 slightly different piano samples. Whatever the method, the end result needs to be sculpted with a sharp fade out, to make it look like an instrument in its own right.

So that makes me wonder: Is there a way to do this on Reason itself?

What l would need to do is:

1) Load a sample
2) Transpose the sample
3) Mix it with / bounce it to another sample
4) Take the result of the mixed waveforms of the two samples merged into one sample, and modify the amplitude waveform with straight graph lines (click ---> drag line --> click ---> drop line ---> click --> continue the line, this time at a different angle -->click ---> drop line etc. etc.)

I remember seeing a wave editor somewhere on Redrum ... or something like that.