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Have you considered reading the manuals?

And again you are trying to force the wrong thinking onto Reason. You said Trackers in the other thread. Reason is so much more capable so stop limiting your thinking and methods to things that didn't work well back in 1992.

In trackers you had no real instruments so you had to sculpt every sample, which was absurd, but here in Reason you can do basically everything you are asking on-the-fly using either NN-samplers or Audio tracks (and maybe some bouncing or sampling).

That piano was a thin sample (like a Korg M1 dance piano kind of thing) with maybe some other synths around it. Layering octaves as you say may create a result you have use for but this is not the way to achieve anything useful for that situation.

I do mean well but your lists of how things should be are not doing you any favors.

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