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Reason 6.5 Education - MISSING LICENSE NUMBER?!


I'm a student and I've bought Reason 6.5 EDUCATION.

I've installed the software, but I'm unable to register the product at Propellerhead's website, because there is no license number in the Reason 6.5 package that I've bought.

I my package there is only Upgrade ID (XXXXXX-XX) and Registration code (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) + Ignition key. There is no license number.

When trying to register the product as an 6.5 upgrade, I get the following message:

"Authorization failed

Sorry, but this part of our web site is closed to certain groups of registered users.

If you have an account and can't get in, maybe some form of product registration is needed to get access (see right).

If you would like to login with a different account, go to out login page

Please check out the FAQ's on the web site, and if you still think that you really are entitled to access, please contact the webmaster."

I don't have any previous versions of Reason installed, so why am getting a upgrade version, if that is what my version is? Nowhere on the package that I bought does it say "upgrade version" or anything similar.

I don't like this. Could anyone please help me solve this problem?