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Originally Posted by DynamicDontPanic View Post
I think l had similar problems, even though the registration was successful, l was given a few weird automated messages as l was blindly blundering through sign up. I'm not saying my situation was the same as yours though.

One test you can do is see if you can export a song in Reason as audio, because an unregistered version cannot do that.

Also, perhaps log out, clear cookies, then log back in again, into your online account.
No, my problem is not similar to what you describe:

In the package that I've bought there is no license number, only upgrade id and registration code. So, I cannot register because I have no license number, and I cannot register as an upgrade because I have no previous versions of Reason and therefore is not registered with any previous versions.

Nowhere on the package does it say that this is any form of "upgrade version". Why is there no license number? How can i register?