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Originally Posted by Arsenic View Post
All the pictures I have seen of the S/T version have actually had something on there about it. Have a look at the picture I've attached.

Now I not sure how old this picture is, and whether it has changed, but this is generally what I have seen, and I've not seen the word Education appear on the packaging for the S/T version.

As for the shop telling you it's the correct version, itd always pays to do your own research....There have been several reported cases on this forum, where a well know shop has sold the wrong versions of Reason to their customers - Incorrect upgrade versions seem to be a popular "mis-sell".

The fact that you only have an Upgrade ID, also seems to suggest that you have been sold an upgrade version instead of the base licence....
Ah, thanks. No, my package doesn't have that sticker. Mine has a black sticker saying "For schools and institutions single user license".

Probably you're right about me being given the wrong version in the store. Though, I don't think the store did that on purpose, but the people at the store is very professional in all matters, so if it's the wrong version it's kind of weird.

Why would any store "miss-sell" incorrect upgrade versions anyway? Isn't that bad for business?