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Cricket does a Beatles tune ~ Reggae version

Wanted to share this with everyone here as Im sure there's some people here who are big fans of The Beatles, and quite likely, know the original version far more intimately than I do. So hopefully, you'll get a kick out of this version.

This was done in Reason > all tracks then bounced to Reaper > Vocals and guitar and one organ tracked in Reaper > ALL stems bounced BACK to Reason > Vocal effects added via a vocoder Combi in Reason, and finally the HORNS were tracked in Reason and the final mix was done in Reason > Mastered in Adobe Audition CS6

Hope you guys like it = I WANT TO SHARE THIS SONG FILE WITH SOMEONE HERE WHO CAN HELP ME = Yes.....Cricket just said he wanted help. Id like to see what someone here could do with something like BUFFER to make this production even more MODERN.

Im away from home (out of town, big gig last night) but when I get back, Ill post the song file so you can DL it. Listen to this and if any ideas come to mind how to trick it out, I'd really relcome any suggestions, and furthermore, can free up the song file so you can just do it and get it back to me

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