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Question Reason 6.5.3 and Nektar p4

Hello again! so I bought reason 6.5 and a Nektar p4, all is working well, BUT, the pitchwheel is not working....yet if I try to find the control surface like so; add controller...choose Nektar.... then try to find the controller in Instrument Mode In port, it picks up the movement of the pitchwheel!?
so it IS working, its just not being picked up by the instruments themselves!

Also, as I am writing this, I am going back and forth on Reason to find the right terms, (such as "Instrument Mode In port") and the "Preferences" option is not highlighted, so I cant go into the preferences!?

I bought Reason and the Nektar yesterday so its all new.
I bought my pc 3 weeks ago (Lenovo H520s/8 GB RAM/i3 core)

The bad thing is, I love using Reason, an I love the flow and playability of the Nektar p4, but this hassle is starting to put me off both.

(I used Reason 2.5 for about 6 years and stopped in 2011 because my pc was getting old and could no longer cope with the demands )

If someone can help me out or point me in the right direction that would be great.
Thanks for reading!