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Originally Posted by flyingfox View Post
Hi, I have a question:
Timestreching is a cool thing but sometimes I do not know how do handle loops.
E.G. I have a song which is about 80 bpm and I want to insert a wav audio file (looped drum e.g.) which has 120 bpm. After inserted to reason the file sounds like my song is 120 bpm but it is not (it is still 80 bpm).
How can I load a different bpm sound file into reason and change it to the right time like REX-Musikinstrument is doing this automatically?

hope everyone understands me correctly.

If you already know the tempo of your loop, change your song project file to the same tempo before importing the audio. Once it is imported, change your project back to the desired tempo. Of course, if there is tempo data embedded in the file that Reason can read, it will automatically change the tempo of the audio to match your project.
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