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Originally Posted by dub08 View Post
If these tracks do not warrant being "grouped" together, why do they need grouped volume control?

Just genuinely wondering, not bashing your sugg.
Once you get use to this way of working, it can often be faster.

Sonar was one of the first programs I could create quick groups. I ended up using quick groups for more than anything in Sonar.

Live, and Reaper works similar but Reaper is my favorite because it has a unique way of doing grouping (folder tracks), and I like the way you can nest them. Reaper has a unique way of quickly creating these as well.

Quick Groups (Basically moving more than 1 fader or parameter simulataneously) have their purpose. Not everything needs to be grouped or you might want to temporarily adjust two parameters simulataneously that are in different groups. That is the purpose of quick groups.

Other than that it looks like Reason did their homework with grouping. They made something that is pretty thorough and nestable.

They even went a step further and created parallel tracks. Overall this upgrade is a major game changer for Reason.