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I'm on Snow Leopard and there are some problems with upgrading to mountain lion.

For one thing I have two hard drives set up as a soft raid and the upgrade will ruin that.. so first I need to get a hard drive big enough to put all the stuff on that softraid onto.. for the upgrade.. and loosing the ability to do the softraid is very much a problem for me.

Also I have a lot of expensive software... in the thousands of dollars worth area.. that will not work on mountain lion.

That said.. one can have both operating systems on one's computer and start up in one or start up in the other. Reason is one the easier programs for this.. cause there's no issue with it counting as 2 computers.. and "oh what about my laptop now?"

I'm also finding that most new software will run on snow leopard.. this is the first I've heard that Reason 7 wont... and I am surprised by this. Historically I've always found Reason good for running on older set ups.. and I don't really regard snow leopard as that old.

There's actually a lot of people still on Snow Leopard.. It's almost like a special club or something... and it usually has to do with new OS's breaking older software / production workflows. Usually most pro folk, who mange to escape new OS excitement, are slow to upgrade for reasons of stability and so they might know what they're getting into in upgrading.

For those for whom Reason is not there primary production tool.. and have orphaned software plugins.. each new version is "ok, what am I going to loose this time around."

I also don't feel like there's anything all that exciting or compelling about new the operating systems. I don't know what it looks like from a developer's perspective.. or why they felt the need to require a newer OS.

I also think it's kind of a mistake to feel like just because a developer comes out with a new version of there software, that you have to upgrade.

For me I'm asking "what are my goals, and how do I get there?" For a number of reasons I doubt if I'll be upgrading to Reason 7: There's already so much stuff that I use that has new versions out for.. stuff I that needs upgrading.. I have to be disciplines about how I pick and choose
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