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Originally Posted by reasoner498 View Post
By that logic OP might as well just use Reason 5 and be done with it...

Tbh, your post reeks of a sense of entitlement. Maybe OP really like Windows XP, but maybe OP is dirt poor and making the best of what's available.

Fwiw, there's nothing revolutionary in Reason 7 that hasn't already been done or being done on Windows XP. By and large all of the new features are a reworking of stuff that's already in Reason, and runs in R6 & 6.5 or Recycle on Windows XP.
Hey,. tons of software made for Win7 and 8 work perfect on XP,.. Especially well ...
Like many pieces of software, Reason 7 is based on existing code with only some modifications (upgrades),. it does not have touch enabled like Sonar X2a and has always been OS independent,.. I have XP and Reason 7 and though I have not installed it yet I'd be amazed if it did not work & if not 6.5 it is