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A bit of perspective here...

The "DAW," or "Digital Audio Workstation," has no standard industry definition. It barely even has a standard definition, apart from "something that records or handles sound." Even that definition tends to be bashed about a good bit, being not just boiled but mashed down to the less-than-confidence-inspiring "whatever my gut tells me is a DAW" or "whatever supports my prejudices."

Anecdotal evidence #1: When I stopped in at Guitar Center to see what was new, I got to talking to one of the gentlemen behind the counter, and he said that Reason was not a DAW. Even the upcoming version 7.

Anecdotal evidence #2: Soundflower is a Macintosh plug-in that acts as a virtual soundcard, taking input from multiple sources and routing them internally. I'd never really gotten the hang of that (and I want to now that Reason's doing MIDI-OUT and I got it to play nice with WaveStation for starters). I was looking online for how-to documentation, and one of them contains the jaw-dropper "Requirements: Soundflower, a Mac DAW"

That's why this thread sets my teeth on edge. So if you see someone saying something is or isn't a DAW, and judging it by whatever definition they happen to have pulled out of their asses on the spot, please give them a good hard cockpunch for me? Kthxbai.