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Reason 7 and Balance for the same price as Reason 7?

Sorry if this is considered advertising, I don't work for Amazon...I'm also not interested in anyone's view of Amazon's evasion (or not) of tax laws, just using them as an example of a retailer selling Reason. Feel free to share any links if they're cheaper

Reason 7 £349.00

Balance with Reason Essentials £246.00 + Reason 7 Upgrade £89.00 = £335

Am I right that it's a valid way to get Reason 7? To buy the balance and also the upgrade?

According to Amazon it is..

Description for Reason 7 Upgrade states:

Buy this upgrade if you own any of the following products:

Reason (version 1–6.x)

Reason Student/Teacher

Balance with Reason Essentials

I have a friend who want to buy Reason and plays guitar in a band so this would be ideal obviously.