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Originally Posted by petegwatson View Post
Hi I updated to Lion a while ago and went back to Snow Leopard because of slow performance. However, I have just upgraded to Mt Lion and it is working really well for me.
Never had a problem with either SL, Lion or M.Lion.

Do a clean install, don't install all kinds of crap on your machine (Haxies, SIMBL etc), and you'll have no problems.

That said, some bugs on new releases are inevitable. Nothing that killed my workflow though. They get ironed out in .2, .3 point updates.

As for not liking some design changes (e.g Apple changing Spaces for ML), those will always happen. Adapt to them and you'll might end up liking them anyway -- they always have some thinking behind them, and people are always knee-jerk reacting to any change to what they are used to.

It's better to adapt to a OS change you don't like, that to stick to a dead end old OS.