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Exclamation issue with Axiom Pro 49 and Reason 7

having some issues with my Axiom pro 49 in use with Reason 7. Reason 7 isn't auto detecting the Axiom Pro, and I am having to manually add it, which isn't a big deal. i can use the keys but not the knobs and faders. I've gone through all types of uninstalls and re-installs of both Reason 7 and and my Axiom Pro 49 with no joy. I've gone through the Remote on Reason 7 and it shows the knobs are mapped to the combinator but are not functioning. I'm thinking that the Hypercontrol was not installed to reason 7 yet (m-audio reps called me and informed me that the individual DAW companies are responsible for updating the HyperControl). Just wondering if anyone else is having any of the same issues?