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"Silent Way" RE

Hello developers!

I want to urge you to get in touch with "Expert Sleepers" in order to work out a Rack Extention based on their brilliant software, "Silent Way".

I'm getting way into modular synthesizers and this software enables me to send actual control voltages from my soundcard to my modular equipment. The whole logic behind Reason seems more or less based on modular synthesizers, so welcoming actual modulars just seems so right!

Right now, I am using Silent Way with Ableton Live and Logic Pro... I prefer to work in Reason, but it I need the functionality of Silent Way!

The second that a RE for Silent Way would become available, I would buy the upgrade to Reason 7. I think the "modular society" would really welcome this and definitely get some new Reason users.

You can view a short thread about this at the Muffwiggler forum here and even contact the Expert Sleepers developer in that thread:

With fingers crossed!
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