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Talking First Tune in Reason 7

Ok this is the first time I've used Reason 7 On Mountain Lion on the Mac...

Note: make sure itunes is not trying to download while recording in Reason...lots of nasty DPS noise if you don't kill the background activity.

But in an any case, I threw this song together to try out a new Artcore, Ibanez, Electric 12 String I bought, and figured with Reason 7 coming out, it would be perfect to put something on disk so I could give her a go.

One thing I must say, Rack Extensions are such a wonderful addition, and really have opened up so many possibilities... i played around with many during this process, though most of it was tinkering, and did not wind up in the final mix, as I was really just playing with all the possibilities...

I did fall in love with one RE, the RE-2A Leveling Amplifier...I have needed this forever...Thank YOU!

I played with Neptune to generate background vocals, for the first time...made me sound like Bob Mould...hence the name of this draft. Enjoy, and once again thank you Propellerhead, for all you do.

Here is my rough little tune, in progress:


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