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Need Vocalist !!!

Hey, I am working on a new song (bpm: 140; key: G-Major) and i am looking for a singer who could help me out with some vocals. You can find the first 2 minutes of the song here:

It is uploaded as an unlisted Video so you can only watch it with that link!!

Note: The song is not finished yet. You can hear the first 2 minutes on youtube, i haven`t been making the rest of the song because i am hoping to get some more Inspiration through vocals to make the second part as epic as possible. The first part is nearly finished but still not mastered and i will also Change the mix a Little bit, but i will Keep the melodies.

Also, i am NOT a professional Producer. I wont take Money for this song or any of my other Songs, so its a JUST FOR FUN - Project. Just click on the link and see if you like what you hear
If you are interested, you can either message me here or on my YouTube channel "FreSchProductions"

Thanks for reading!