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Why can I control devices but not record CC data from a Midi Control Surface?

I recently purchased Polar (with my Reason 7 upgrade) and spent much time creating a template for my Novation Xiosynth keyboard/control surface that maps knobs and buttons on the Xio to controls on Polar, using the MIDI implementation chart for Polar to assign MIDI CCs.

If I set the Xio as a MIDI Bus in Advanced preferences and then route that in the Advanced MIDI master rack module to Polar I can tweak Polar controls as expected. However, if I record automation on the Polar track channel the parameter changes (with all control tweaks visible in Reason) aren't saved !

Yes, when I map Remote overrides for the Polar device, I can record -- but this forces me to copy and paste the overrides as I add Polar devices. This is a total pain and the very reason why I created a template for my control surface that maps natively to Polar's CC assignments.

I played a bit with the new external MIDI instrument, which does allows me to save the CC changes in realtime, but apparently you can't move or copy CC data tracks from the external MIDI instrument track to the Polar track, so this doesn't help at all.

I've looked into all possible reasons for the Polar track not wanting to record the CC data sent to it but I'm stumped. If this is 'working' as expected, is there a work around??

Any tips or insight into the issue would be greatly, greatly appreciated.