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OK - if there are 23 pages of posts then there are definitely problems with this licence system. I use iLoks and eLicensor on 50 Macs in my music department. We bought 21 copies of Reason 6.5 - all licensed perfectly to 2 Ignition Keys. Last week we get the Reason 7 upgrades - guess what? Only one of the 5 user licences will transfer to the IK. The other 3 licences (5 seats each) do not give me the option to write the licenses. The Reason 7 licence replaces the 6.5 licence - so no going back.

I've started 2 cases with PH still no reply. I am going to have re-install 15 copies of Reason 6.5 and run a mix of 6.5 and 7 - what a mess.

No issues seeing the IKs - I can even write the licenses to a computer if I want to. Watch this space.....