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Originally Posted by cgriff View Post
OK - if there are 23 pages of posts then there are definitely problems with this licence system. I use iLoks and eLicensor on 50 Macs in my music department. We bought 21 copies of Reason 6.5 - all licensed perfectly to 2 Ignition Keys. Last week we get the Reason 7 upgrades - guess what? Only one of the 5 user licences will transfer to the IK. The other 3 licences (5 seats each) do not give me the option to write the licenses. The Reason 7 licence replaces the 6.5 licence - so no going back.

I've started 2 cases with PH still no reply. I am going to have re-install 15 copies of Reason 6.5 and run a mix of 6.5 and 7 - what a mess.

No issues seeing the IKs - I can even write the licenses to a computer if I want to. Watch this space.....
I feel you on this.

I've never had any major technical issues with Reason before this update. And the truth is so far the actual 7 Release update has been pretty flawless.

The problem is with the RE Licensing System. This is just a good idea executed poorly.

For me the solution was the cache needing to be cleared in the Rack Extensions folder on my desktop. When I finally heard back from Props they suggested it was antivirus software that might have accidentally quarantined the Rack Extensions. Taking Support's direction would have sent me off in circles on a wild goose chase.

The truth is the system is so complex with so many areas that can fail that as you said, it's a mess.

It's a mess that needs to be cleaned up quick if they want people to keep buying these plugins. The core mission of this software company fails if I'm spending more time frustrated and troubleshooting vs. making music.

That's why I left Logic back in 2006!

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