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Originally Posted by particlejunkie View Post
I think they're good in this context.

When they first hit I was kind of off-put by the abruptness of their entry, something to do with the top-end, but that feeling quickly changed to enjoyment.

So maybe soften how they intro. Oh yeah, just listened again, the intro vox could use some rolling off in the top end, or maybe a notch filter. I believe the same vox appear many times later and they sound fine in the mix, it's just at the beginning I have a problem with.

Also I think if you duplicated what you have now a few more times, and put different Neptune settings/filters/whatever fx, then had those sorta weaving back and forth with the original, might be trippy. ie you'd play what you have now and cross fade it with the other tracks, or maybe cut them in abruptly. But I would try not to overdo it, could get too busy, and I rather like how it is.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely try playing around with that. I was also thinking about applying a bit of Buffre to them.

I agree that the vocals come in abruptly so a slight fade-in is in order. The version that's on soundcloud right now is a low quality MP3, but as the final mix gets closer, I might post it again at a higher resolution.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.
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