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Best control surface for Reason 7

Hi All,

I am very much a hands-on person. I've been trying to research the best control surface for Reason's SSL mixer. Basically, I'd love to have a physical controller for all parts of the SSL. So I pose the question to the masses, what do you all think is the best surface?

Obvious contenders are:
Mackie UControl with some expanders
SSL Nucleus/Matrix
2x BCF2000's and 2x BCR2000's.
ProjectMix I/O

2 way communication is a must, move a fader or knob with the mouse, it moves on the controller. And it should ideally cover all or most of the SSL controls.

I've also considered a digital mixer for the task, such as the behringer X32 and some others...but I am not sure of the compatibility. I also don't really care about the added I/O as I don't do much recording, mostly sound design and engineering.

If costs were not an issue, what would you go with?