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Remaster of a psytrance song I wrote about 3 years ago

Basically everything you need to know about the song is in the description but I'll copy it here:

As the story goes, about 3 years ago a good friend of mine (Matt Unger) who is an organizer for the annual Concert for Biodiversity (in Loveland Colorado) asked me if I could create some music for part of the show, to be used as a background for a magic act for his brother Mark. He said, "Make it sound kind of like Cirque du Soleil music". Having never seen or heard anything of those shows before I sampled a little from Youtube and winged it.

I procrastinated forever and about 2 weeks before the show I finally started work on what you are listening to now (and I made the deadline by about 8 hours). Of all the music I've ever made this would probably have to be the track I am most proud of. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

A few days ago I decided to open the project files back up and start work on a remastered version of the song. My ears are better, my skills are more refined and I believe I've produced something better and more loyal to the intended sound of the track. This is currently a "preview" of the remaster; the final cut will be so damn similar that I didn't feel like waiting any longer to post. However free download of this version is not available, but it will be available for purchase very soon. Check back in the near future and you will eventually see a Buy link soon.

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