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Originally Posted by Wyggy View Post
Hi devilfish, No I won't say that.

What I don't know is your operating system. So I can't make a fair comparison with my Windows 7 system. The question I would ask is, "Do the other programs you mention load a sound as soon as it is selected?". You can observe the loading as you move down a list of files, using the down arrow (on Windows).

This feature slows the process, and I can't see why it is there. I would not call that a browser problem but I can see that it could be called a browser problem. I would like to see a check box (or modification to the auto play) so that the user can select auto loading if they wished to have it. This would be a minor change to the s/w module for sample selection and loading. Perhaps some-one from Props could comment.

All the best.

Support have already told me I will run into problems when trying to browse folders with large amount of content. So whatever you are trying to say is simply incorrect regarding the problem we are experiancing. We simply cannot do anymore than we already have.

This is a problem with reason not anyone's operating system, HD specifications, cpu, folder structure etc etc If I browse large content folders in renoise , BANG!!! open straight away with 0 lag, same with ableton.
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