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Originally Posted by CHAZM View Post
In mixer view and also in rack view It would be nice to have the channel meters remain on while muted. Just because I may have the channel muted doesn't mean I don't care to see when/if the sound is playing. This would mimic any console in that the meters reflect what's on the corresponding track regardless on whether the channel is muted.
Can I get a BIG +1 for this!?!

I also would prefer a pre-fader meter, with Peak response. But the issue you bring up can be quite frustrating. It's how you know if somethings playing on that track or not without having to un-mute it or look in the sequencer view. Like you say, it's such a useful feature and the way the "real" SSL works, that you would have thought it would have been included from the start. Like bus channels (finally, thank you very much). And Solo Isolate (for ANY channel).

And my other big pet peeve is the Pre Fader sends are post MUTE. On the SSL and most other consoles I've worked on, a pre-fader send is active even when the channel is muted. This allows you to mute a channel(s) quickly (retaining it's fader position) and not affect the sends, which is helpful for pre fader effects and ESSENTIAL for pre fader head phone mixes. But I digress… ;-)
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