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Smile NN-XT and Dr Octo rex combined into one.

Hello peeps,

I use the Dr Octo Rex and NN-XT a lot and i wanted to sugest that they should be combined in to one.

So i usually start off by opening a Dr Octo rex player, loading up a Rex file and then rearrange the rex file
until im happy.....

Then i like to open each slice with the "Edit Sample" editor but there is no "Edit Sample" button on the Dr Octo Rex player so i usually open up a NN-XT, load up the same rex file and carry on editing what ever i need.

This takes a loooooong time and is very annoying not to mention being a vibe killer.

Having the NN-XT and Dr Octo Rex player combined into one would save me and im guessing a lot of Reason users a lot of editing time.

So please, can you seriously consider my idea as it would totally revolutionise my music making.