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Originally Posted by ofemi View Post
This may have been suggested before, but I would love to see a Propellerhead Hardware MIDI controller that completely controls Reason, from Rack to Playlist Mixer and Block kinda like what Native Instruments have done with Maschine.

I was looking at the Nektar Panorama and thought wow this is definitely a step closer to it.

I would love to see a full controller for Reason and combination of Maschine and Nektars Panorama.

I would Happily pay between £150 - £300 for something like this.

You've already made your own Hardware Audio Interface so it would be good to see this. Maybe you and Nektar partner up and do something.

Heck yea at that price! ;-)
But I seriously doubt you would see something with the features of the two devices you mention for around half of what either of those two devices sells for. Even Balance, a two channel audio interface sells for more than what you're suggesting.
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