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OT: 40th birthday... what to do??

So I turn 40 on Wednesday the 15th. Generally birthdays mean roughly nothing to me, and haven't since I was about 17 or so. But for some reason, this one is really on my mind. My other half wants to know what I want/want to do for my birthday, but I truly have no idea.

I already work for myself (we both run our company together) so work from home on my own schedule. I love being at home more than probably anywhere else, and I live in Northern California where the weather is pretty fantastic all the time. We don't drink, consider ourselves "anti-foodies" (meaning we have absolutely no interest in food or "gourmet" *anything*) so going out for a fancy meal is of no interest. I don't really need any presents as anything I really want I get for myself. We don't have a big social circle and tend to prefer it that way, so throwing a party or "going out with friends" is out. We're not into nightlife so a night on the town is equally pointless. Don't care for travel so unless a Tardis drops into my yard, I don't want to take a trip anywhere.

So basically, I'm really really boring. LOL But I like it that way and overall I have an awesome life. So what on earth should I do for my birthday? Or what should I ask for as a gift? It just seems so silly since I have basically anything I could want (well, anything practical at least... I kinda have a crush on an Ariel Atom at the moment but that's more than a little out of the question for now...)

Anyone else around here as boring and yet satisfied with their life, as I am?
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