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Originally Posted by Exowildebeest View Post
Agree. It would be very cool to be able to use multiple audio clips at the same time on the same channel.
What applications do you have for multiple audio clips at once? I keep trying to think of stuff, and other than an occasional FX where you might stack 10 vocals, I can't think of a regular/common use. And the 10 vocal trick could just as easily be done with a bus group FWIW.

The thing is, 99% of the time I would want to use such a feature for alternate takes/edits, ideas on hold, comping etc. This means I only ever need to hear one track at a time, unlike with note tracks where there are many applications and advantages to having separate and multiple simultaneous tracks

I like to have control over each track that I can hear, so I can pan, EQ, and add effects to them separately. For things like vocals, if you need pitch control you must have them all in separate tracks.

But I'm curious: what could you do (or do better) with this feature you can't already do? :-)
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