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Originally Posted by R3dz View Post
Sorry im lost. I never saw any of that. I just installed the update onto r6.5 and there was just the standard 2 soundbanks reason usually has. Could you provide a little more info on what you mean?
On the Reason 7 disc were the two factory sound banks which contain new stuff for Reason 7. In addition were several other files with other refills plus a file with drum sounds on them. I'm not at that computer right now to tell which document file said to copy the drum files separately... but I do remember seeing it in one of them. I think it was on one of the "read me" files on the disc.

Unless I completely misunderstood something, I believe you have to copy the new soundbanks over to your harddrive separately from the intall. But, I might be wrong about that. I've read conflicting info on exactly how that happens. Maybe the install does put them on automatically, but if so, I didn't see it when I installed the upgrade.