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Originally Posted by DonaldM75 View Post
On the Reason 7 disc were the two factory sound banks which contain new stuff for Reason 7. In addition were several other files with other refills plus a file with drum sounds on them. I'm not at that computer right now to tell which document file said to copy the drum files separately... but I do remember seeing it in one of them. I think it was on one of the "read me" files on the disc.

Unless I completely misunderstood something, I believe you have to copy the new soundbanks over to your harddrive separately from the intall. But, I might be wrong about that. I've read conflicting info on exactly how that happens. Maybe the install does put them on automatically, but if so, I didn't see it when I installed the upgrade.
Okay. So you have the DISC. You must be referring to EXTRA material then. I, and I suppose the others who have responded, have the download version. You can place any extra ReFills anywhere you like, all you have to do when you want to use them is to point Reason's browser to the location.