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Originally Posted by kvdo View Post
The problem is the drum pads are part of the midi controller, and send the same note information as the keys, so even if I make two controllers in preferences and lock one controller to Kong, the keys will be playing drums at the same time as another instrument I have selected
I encountered this when I was checking out one of those MIDI controllers at a music shop. I couldn't for the life of me make the pads send notes. I have a workaround using MIDI-OX and loopMIDI that can be used on PC:

1) Configure TWO loopMIDI ports
2) Use controller in as input on MIDI-OX
3) Send keypresses on Channel 1 and have loopMIDI port 1 listen only to Channel 1
4) Send Pad info on Channel 2 and have loopMIDI port 2 listen only to Channel 2
5) In reason configure master keyboard on loopMIDI port 1 and a secondary generic MIDI device on loopMIDI port 2
6) Lock your loopMIDI port 2 input to the Kong.

The tricky part is steps 3 and 4, but based on your previous posts, you know how to do this. I have tested this on a single Korg nanoKEY, sending notes on channel 1 and CC on channel 2. By converting CC to notes in MIDI-OX, I was able to have all CC messages changed to notes and locked to Kong, while having a floating "master keyboard". It makes no sense to do this with a nanoKEY, but if I could get it to work on a nanoKEY, it should be doable on your controller too.

I don't have a Mac anymore, so if anybody can chime in with a similar strategy, that would be cool. Feel free to PM me if you can't get this to work on a PC.
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