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Originally Posted by DonaldM75 View Post
Well, what I ended up doing was finding the phrem thingy in Firefox using options and settings. I then told it to ask me what phrem file to use. Then when I clicked on the download tab it did ask and I pointed Firefox to Authorizer. So far so good. was authorizer ver 1.0 not 2.5, which I thought was automatically downloaded with Reason 7. So, I've uninstalled Reason and authorizer, reinstalled Reason. And I've reinstalled Authrizer, but can't find where it was put on my hard drive so I can tell Firefox where to look for it. This is just crazy. It shouldn't be this difficult and its all because of these blasted authorization keys. I understand the need for them,but there really has to be a simpler way to do this. iLoks and ignition keys and phrem files and all the lot...we be but humble musicians here...not computer programmers!

And I did finally locate the Authorizer - so it appears it is all working now. But geesh! And the sad thing is, I won't remember how to do all this the next time!
Well as long as you remember this thread the instructions will be right here, including the authorizer location in case you forget that: C:\Program Files\Propellerhead\Authorizer