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Originally Posted by jhenshaw4 View Post
Is there a way to use the external audio input on Antidote as a sidechain input for the built-in compressor? Seems like a logical use, but doesn't look like it can be done...I was looking in the mod matrix for a sidechain input for the compressor section, but couldn't find it. Am I not seeing something?

If it's not possible...anyone from Synapse reading this post? I know you guys have released a bunch of new features through updates, would it be possible to add this?
As it runs in the Reason environment there's no need for the built in compressor to feature side-chaining as the Antidote's output can go straight into a compressor to get the same effect.
There is an Antidote patch that uses the lfo etc to give a good impression of side-chaining so you could also experiment with that.

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