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Originally Posted by Wyggy View Post
At 40 you are definitely over the hill and it is all down from now on. Get to the gym, tone up the muscles. Then you can have some Californian wine just to relax. Forget forums and other annoying distractions.
LOL on that note I just recently purchased a recumbent exercise bike and turned my desk into a "riding desk" so literally as I type this, I'm pedaling at a very relaxed pace. Amazing how many easy calories I can burn now while I surf or work...

It is my 90th in August.
Seriously?!? :shock: WOW. Most impressive if so! I tend to always assume the age range of these forums probably stops in the 60s, but perhaps not! Way to hang in there!

So far a pretty relaxed day. Got my free breakfast at Denny's and have been hunting for other freebies... it's surprising how many places don't really do that anymore.

Hey Props, how about a free RE on our birthday? LOL
I've decided to get serious about my music again at last.
So go ahead... ask me how my new album is coming!


Some stuff I've made with Reason...

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