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Here's my story so far:

After explaining to the importer of Reason the difference between the versions "for schools/institutions" and "for teacher/students", the importer (who didn't know shit) concluded that they'd given me the wrong version. No problem, the importer said: I could just return the wrong version to the store, and the importer would make sure that I got the correct version.

That was over three weeks ago.

In the past three weeks the importer managed to order the same wrong version (for schools/institutions) once again, so they had to be explained - once again - the difference between the versions "for schools/institutions" and "for teacher/students". No problem - the importer said: They would order the correct version, and I would have it in a couple of days... Yeah sure.

Finally the store called today and said that the correct version had arrived, only that it was Reason 7, and not Reason 6.5 as I originally bought/ordered. (Reason 6.5 is no longer possible for the importer to get.)

No problem, Reason 7 must be better than Reason 6.5... so I thought.

Yeah... Since my music-production PC is not connected to the internet, (it doesn't even have a working network card), as of safety reasons, I'm now stuck with a useless version of Reason 7 which I'm not being able to use: There's no installation file on the DVD in the package, only download-link or whatever, and there's no USB-dongle/key/Codemeter (as it was in the package of version 6.5).

Any suggestions on to how to get a working copy of Reason? I want to give up this Reason stuff, and if anybody - with a internet connection to their music-production PC - wants to buy my Reason 7 you're probably welcome :-(

Update: I see that one can download the Reason 7 demo and then activate the demo with the use of an ignition key, but in the Reason 7 package there is no such ignition key (it was an ignition key in the 6.5 package though). I also see that one can buy an ignition key from Propellerhead's website for an additional 50USD + shipping? + taxes to Norway. So the ignition key that's needed to get the downloaded demo-software fully working will cost me approximately an additional 100USD + waiting time after ordered. Why is there no ignition key in the package?

I've actually paid for a package containing a DVD with a Reason 7 download link and some sound-samples and readme-files... No software, and no ignition key. That's really nice.

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