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I am new to Reason, having recently purchased Reason 6.5 (and then freely upgraded to reason 7) for use in school at Berklee Online in a Master's Certificate program in Music Production and Guitar. First off, I love what I have seen both from the Reason product itself, and the folks who make it as far as their approach and philosophies of music creation. In any event, along with this purchase, I bought a new Sweetwater Creation Station purpose built audio recording computer with an Intel i5 4 core processor, 500GB system and 1TB audio SATA drives, 12GB memory. That quickly led to the discovery of how truly bad my M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB interface was in terms of noisy preamps and crappy drivers. This led to me purchasing the Propellerhead Balance interface (it is en-route as I type this) based on the nothing but positive reviews I'd seen on it, and the overall elegant nature of it's design. That then leads to these questions:

1. I have a Boss DR-880 Rhythm Doctor drum machine. From what I can tell, has Reason's included Redrum and Kong drum rack units effective replaced that as my drum track creation device? I am thinking it will, once I learn HOW to use them properly. Overall, I would like to streamline my setup, and get rid of that Boss unit in a separate eBay or wherever sale if possible, and recoup some of my expenses. Am I correct in this assumption, or will the Boss machine still end up being my "go to" drum track making choice?

2. I also have a Yamaha MO8 88 key Synthesizer Workstation that I plan to use initially as my MIDI interface that connects via USB. I have my eye also on the Nektar Panorama P1, but I digress...can this synth be used not only to trigger the internal sounds of reason, but also to control the DAW transport and synth parameters via the DAW Remote button on the MO8? I was able to get this done in a limited way with Ableton Live 8 Intro (also a decent product btw) on my creaky old Win XP box I replaced, but have been so far unable to do that in my Reason setup. Anyone know where I can find out how to do this, or if it is even possible?

3. Since I first bought the full version of Reason, and then later the Balance product which comes with Reason Essentials, is there any reason for me to install Essentials? IOW, is there anything Essentials has that the full Reason product lacks that is useful? Or can I just sell it to someone who wants a copy at a discount? Or maybe give it to my brother I suppose, but he doesn't really record -- just gigs.

Anyway, I look very much forward to being a member of this community and learning everything there is to know about Reason.


Anyone have any input to the questions I asked, by any chance? I appreciate the heads up on the Reason Essentials though, not to seem ungrateful for that...