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Originally Posted by superduper10000 View Post
Update: I see that one can download the Reason 7 demo and then activate the demo with the use of an ignition key, but in the Reason 7 package there is no such ignition key (it was an ignition key in the 6.5 package though). I also see that one can buy an ignition key from Propellerhead's website for an additional 50USD + shipping? + taxes to Norway. So the ignition key that's needed to get the downloaded demo-software fully working will cost me approximately an additional 100USD + waiting time after ordered. Why is there no ignition key in the package?

I've actually paid for a package containing a DVD with a Reason 7 download link and some sound-samples and readme-files... No software, and no ignition key. That's really nice.
It's plainly stated in Reason 7 system requirements that a fast Internet connection is required in order to install and register.

That said, once you download and install - you can authorize one computer for offline use. I suggest you do that with your Reason 7 license. Take your computer to a WiFi cafe or public place if you have to. It's worth it.
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