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Upgrade PX7 to PS1R?

I know you won't do this but I'll ask anyway: would you please upgrade PX7 to PS1R? While the DX series synths were really something at the time, they didn't do anything that other synths, like the FS1R, don't do better. And while the PX interface is better than the DX's, what interface isn't? Well, maybe the FS1R but nobody ever used it anyway, they used third party freeware instead. And you have good interfaces, in general (not PX7 - I can only assume you intended it to be primarily a preset player, not a programmable synthesizer), I'm sure you could come up with a pleasing GUI, if you tried. As a bonus, the synth would double as a poor man's B3 emulation, to go with Rotor. So even though I know you won't do this, I'm asking you to.