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Does Reason have a Rack for Vst's NO!

We all know about propellerheads RE technology but we also know that every software developer is not going to make all their instruments in RE format just to compensate for one DAW Platform R7, so propellerhead why don't you make a Rack for hosting vst's why not. I know this has been asked for many times in the past but again why not. I also think its a ripoff that when you buy a RE you don't get the VST, AU, RTAS format or vice versa like you would if you just bought the VST itself. I would not want to double by the same softsynth just for it to work in R7. So please everyone this would be great because if your favorite synth never make it to RE format then hopefully R7 will have a rack for your VST,AU,RTAS instrument. Would you all agree?