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Originally Posted by Kovkov View Post
I was able to do that. With the ignition key plugged into the offline computer afterwards. It's off course important that both computers have exactly the same RE's on them, because there is only one license for all of them on the stick.
That's the problem. As, I can not access my Propellerhead account (the one time) on my "Internet Free" PC. I can't update or download the RE's licenses for that PC.

There's a screen which come's up when you have installed Reason 7 on a different "Internet free" computer, that Tell's you, you need to update your RE licenses which, is not possible to do without an internet connection, even if you have the RE license authorized on your key, which you authorized through another computer that has an active Internet connection.

I'm just going to have to accept. I won't be able to use the RE feature on my studio PC.

I've never had RE before, so I'm sure I'll do fine without them plus,
the new mixer features in Reason 7 are quality! plus,
the money I've got for the RE's I can now save towards some new hardware!

Cheers for all the help!