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Ok, mostly very good. I liked probably the journey song the best (and I don't really like journey, go figure) you obviously know your way around your instruments, so no trouble there. I would only mention two things from my perspective:

1. the drums are very "tight" and these being old rock songs could benefit from some loosening. maybe try a "little" regroove action to let them not be so stiff, particularly in "crazy love" which the original is very laid back and jazzy.

2. tune your electric. perhaps you have the strings tuned correctly, but something is off. check the intonation (tune the notes, and then play the notes at the 12th fret, if they're still in tune you're good, if they aren't at the 12th fret, then your intonation is out. get a guitar tech at the local music store to "set-up" the guitar for you. will probably cost around 20 bucks, plus a new set of strings, or read up online and DIY)