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Originally Posted by bassjardin View Post
I can't move back, I just can't take the risk of my system falling apart. Apogee seems to have trouble with osx10.8 as well. I don't understand why Reason 7 is 10.8 only. We producers can't move as fast as the consumers, we have systems we tweak and finetune for months on end. I'm dissapointed that i can't use reason 7 now. I've got one week to decide if i'll send reason back to the store.
I actually didn't realise it was Lion+ only until I was reading it on the forum this week.
I switch between a mountain lion system in the studio, and an older snow leopard laptop that I really do NOT want to upgrade ---> ROSETTA IS GONE FROM LION ONWARDS.
I need to be able to open certain Rosetta apps.
So I'm staying with 6.5, even though I'd prefer to be using 7.