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Figure Integration into other apps


I see many future update suggestions for Figure here, many of them are related to sequencer functionality, but what about Figure integration and communication with other apps? The reason why I love Figure so much is it's simplicity. Why not to keep it simple and leave sequencing features to other apps?

For example I use mostly iMPC and Figure on my iPad, but I still can not find the way how to make them play in sync. What I discovered today is Tabletop app - it's intuitive, amazing, and there's one special thing about it - iMPC is integrated into the interface and with Tabletop you can sequence, tweak and make tracks out of iMPC on the fly. It's absolutely genious.

What do you thing about integration of Figure into the Tabletop? Is it hard to implement? For me it would be killer to have such a well made complete "midi studio" on the iPad...

Is there any other way to sync iMpc and Figure? Other hosts? I don't think so...