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Originally Posted by stratquebec View Post
...for all things midi , Logic can't be beat... I just LOVE Reason... make me buy the 7 upgrade by adding simple midi note muting...
I see why you are frustrated since you use detailed midi editing as a major part of your music creation process. I do a lot of detailed midi editing also. I would guess that out of the 300 midi tracks I have edited over the past year, there were two times when muting individual notes would have allowed me to go back to the original which I liked better. In those cases, I had deleted numerous times and moved notes numerous times, so using undo would have changed a lot of things that I liked. So I see your point.

I also have Logic, but I am so familiar with Reason, it's a chore to do much in Logic for me. For me, Logic offers the amazing Bosendorfer Grand, the ability to run Amplitube inside it, and a huge set of drum loops. It also has a Hollywood-ready sound to it (the sounds have been tweaked heavily as opposed to Reason's "here's a pile of bricks, build a house" approach). But most of the time I don't feel like cruising down Rodeo Drive with the Ferrari and the bling, I much prefer to go three miles away to the Latin area and get a carnitas burrito and listen to the sounds of real people. Reason encourages me to go where I want, not where Atlantic Records tells me. Of course Reason has its own sound, which I would characterize as Swedish Synth Pop, but it's easy to get away from that using your ears and the unlimited sound-design capabilities. I think Reason 7 was a very honest attempt to satisfy the demands of a huge number of Reason users, even if it didn't address my particular needs. I upgraded it and like it, but I'm patiently waiting for my stuff to get addressed (mostly getting a tube guitar amp simulation).

Do you have any examples of your midi work? I'd love to hear it, as one midi-tweaker to another. If it's not ready for prime time, PM me a link.

By the way, this discussion should probably go into the Feature Suggestions area. That has been very productive in getting changes to Reason over the years, although sometimes it feels like you're alone in the woods yelling into the night. Can someone at Props switch it over?
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