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Originally Posted by liquidfish View Post
I'm on windows 7. Thanks for the heads up. I'll try another browser. You would think with a new product release and a company so big that they would have some sort of daily support lol
Props are a very small company and they have support during Swedish office hours :-)

Windows 7 doesn't support USB 3 properly so make sure you re plugged in to a USB 2 port! I fixes this by upgrading to Windows 8 and haven't looked back since and I'm 40 soon!

Upgrade t oReason 7.0.1 or at least upgrade Authoriser to 2.5.1 from as 2.5.0 had download issues

Edit, some props employees go above and beyond and offer support at all hours but even they need holidays or in fact they may be working on the launch events!

Edit^2, after trying another browser let us know how it goes and we might be able to advice furtyher

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