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Question New synth by Props ?

Hello Reason users !

With the quite fast schedule of newer versions of Reason since V6, I was wondering if the pace of releases of synths made by the Props is going to accelerate too.

Effectively, in December 2000, Reason V1 was released with Substractor in it.
Then in June 2002, it was V2 with Malström in it. So it took 2 years to release a new synth.
Then in September 2007, it was V4 with Thor in it. So it took 5 years for a new synth !
Then in December 2012, as a RE, PX7 was released. So it took again 5 years for Props to release a new synth.
Do you think we have to wait for 5 years to have a new synth from the Props and what will it be ?